Dr. Francesco Pannarale

Room: 0.70
Phone: +49 (0) 331 567 7194
Fax: +49 (0) 331 567 7298
Email: (@aei.mpg.de) francesco.pannarale


I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Albert Einstein Institute in Germany working in the Numerical Relativity group. My research interests include black hole-neutron star binaries and linear perturbations and quasi-normal modes of neutron stars. I mainly focus on equation of state dependent signatures in the gravitational radiation emitted by these sources. Lately, I have mostly been working on various aspects of tidal interactions and tidal disruption in coalescing black hole-neutron star binaries.

About me

I studied physics at the Sapienza – Università di Roma, specializing in theoretical physics. During my master’s, in the summer of 2005, I worked on W+jets events data analysis at the Collider Detector at Fermilab (CDF). In October 2009, I completed my Ph.D. under the supervision of Prof. Valeria Ferrari with a thesis on compact gravitational wave sources and I then joined the Numerical Relativity group in November 2009.


Here is a link to my publications (from ADS)

Here is a link to my publications since 2000 (from Spires)

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